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Electromagnetic Measurements in the Near Field (2nd Edition)

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Author(s): Pawel Bienkowski 1  and  Hubert Trzaska 1
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Publication Year: 2012

This book is devoted to the specific problems of electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements in the near field and to the analysis of the main factors which impede accuracy in these measurements. It focuses on careful and accurate design of systems to measure in the near field, based on a thorough understanding of the fundamental engineering principles and on an analysis of the likely system errors. Beginning with a short introduction to electromagnetic fields with an emphasis on the near field, it then presents methods of EMF measurements in near field conditions. It details the factors limiting measurement accuracy including internal ones (thermal stability, frequency response, dynamic characteristics, susceptibility) and external ones (field integration, mutual couplings between a probe and primary and secondary EMF sources, directional pattern deformations). It continues with a discussion on how to gauge the parameters declared by an EMF meter manufacturer and simple methods for testing these parameters. It also details how designers of measuring equipment can reconsider the near field when designing and testing, as well as how users can exploit the knowledge within the book to ensure their tests and results contain the most accurate measurements possible. The SciTech Publishing Series on Electromagnetic Compatibility provides a continuously growing body of knowledge in the latest development and best practices in electromagnetic compatibility engineering. This series provides specialist and non-specialist professionals and students practical knowledge that is thoroughly grounded in relevant theory.

Inspec keywords: electric potential; electric field measurement; electromagnetic fields

Other keywords: photonic EMF measurement; directional pattern synthesis; electromagnetic measurement; magnetic field measurement; power density measurement; near field; electric field measurement; far field

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; Conference proceedings; Electrostatics; Steady-state electromagnetic fields; electromagnetic induction; Electrostatics, magnetostatics

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