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Filtering in the Time and Frequency Domains

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Author(s): Herman J. Blinchikoff 1  and  Anatol I. Zverev 1
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Publication Year: 2001

Long regarded as a classic of filter theory and design, this book stands as the most comprehensive treatment of filtering techniques, devices and concepts as well as pertinent mathematical relationships. Analysis and theory are supplemented by detailed design curves, fully explained examples and problem and answer sections. Discussed are the derivation of filtering functions, Fourier, Laplace, Hilbert and z transforms, lowpass responses, the transformation of lowpass into other filter types, the all-pass function, the effect of losses on theoretical responses, matched filtering, methods of time-domain synthesis, and digital filtering. This book is invaluable for engineers other than those who are filter design specialists who need to know about the possibilities and limits of the filtering process in order to use filters competently and confidently in their system designs.

Inspec keywords: band-pass filters; matched filters; digital filters; Hilbert transforms; convolution; linear systems; all-pass filters; Fourier transforms; transfer functions; Z transforms; Laplace transforms; step response; transient response; low-pass filters; distortion; time-frequency analysis; differential equations; delays

Other keywords: step response; frequency-domain system; time-domain synthesis; transfer function; finite-Q elements; Laplace transform; time delay; impulse response; narrowband filter; all-pass function; Z transform; group delay response; linear systems analysis; matched filter; bandpass filter; Hilbert transform; magnitude response; signal predistortion; convolution integral; low-pass response; differential equation; quasi-stationary approach; phase response; Fourier transform; phase delay equalization; group delay equalization; digital filter; weighting function

Subjects: Signal processing theory; Differential equations (numerical analysis); Integral transforms; General electrical engineering topics; Filtering methods in signal processing; General and management topics; Integral transforms; Differential equations (numerical analysis)

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