Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart

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image of Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart
Author(s): Phillip H. Smith
Publication Year: 1995

This is the second edition of Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart, written by Phillip H. Smith, the originator of the Smith Chart. It covers the history, development and applications of the Smith Chart. This classic reference book describes how the chart is used for designing lumped element and transmission line circuits. The text provides tutorial material on transmission line theory and behavior, circuit representation on the chart, matching networks, network transformations and broadband matching. This edition includes a new chapter with example designs and description of the winSMITH software accessory.

Other keywords: graphical determination; complex transmission coefficients; transmission lines; data plotting; admittance; sampling current; impedance matching; radial scales; complex parameters; normalized impedance coordinates; negative resistance loads; lumped L-circuits; slotted line section; impedance measurement; sampling voltage; electronic applications; linear parameters; electromagnetic wave propagation; equivalent circuit representations; antiresonant line sections; Smith Chart; peripheral scales; resonant line sections

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