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Microwave Horns and Feeds

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Publication Year: 1994

This book is devoted to describing the theory, design, performance and application of microwave horns and feeds for reflector. The first general treatment of feeds for reflector antennas, it describes design principles and methods of analysis.

Inspec keywords: antenna feeds; dielectric-loaded antennas; reflector antennas; horn antennas; waveguides; microstrip lines; numerical analysis

Other keywords: numerical analysis; microstrip feeds; horn antennas; multimode horns; spherical waves; dielectric feeds; corrugated horns; array feeds; prime-focus waveguide feeds; cylindrical waves; small axisymmetric feeds; reflector antennas; dipole feeds; aperture radiation; resonator type feeds; dielectric-loaded horns; pure-mode horns; lens-corrected horns

Subjects: Waveguides and microwave transmission lines; Antenna accessories; Numerical analysis

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