Radio Direction Finding and Superresolution (2nd Edition)

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Author(s): P. J. D. Gething
Publication Year: 1991

Enlarged and revised second edition. Modern direction finders, capable of measuring elevation angles as well as azimuth angles on the components of multi-ray wavefields, have become powerful tools for research in ionospheric physics and HF radio propagation. The complexity of the problem of resolving closely-spaced rays requires the combined use of wide aperture antenna arrays, multichannel receiving systems and sophisticated digital processing techniques.

Inspec keywords: ionospheric techniques; interference (wave); antenna arrays; radio direction-finding

Other keywords: DF plots; two-ray wave fields; circular arrays; bearing accuracy; superresolution; ionospheric modes; zero-aperture bearings; wave-field models; wave interference; ray paths; radio direction finding; wavefront analysis; interferometers; ionospheric tilts; directive array patterns; site errors; instrumental errors

Subjects: Antenna arrays; Instrumentation and techniques for aeronomy, space physics, and cosmic rays; Atmospheric, ionospheric and magnetospheric techniques and equipment; Radionavigation and direction finding

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