Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for Electromagnetic Waves (3rd Edition)

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image of Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for Electromagnetic Waves
Author(s): G. L. James
Publication Year: 1979

The continuous development of the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (GTD), from its conception in the 1950s, has now established it as a leading analytical technique in the prediction of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and scattering phenomena. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for research workers and students in electromagnetic waves to be familiar with this technique. In this book they will find a thorough and clear exposition of the GTD formulation for vector fields. It begins by describing the foundations of the theory in canonical problems and then proceeds to develop the method to treat a variety of circumstances. Where applicable, the relationship between GTD and other high-frequency methods, such as aperture field and the physical optics approximation, is stressed throughout the text. The purpose of the book, apart from expounding the GTD method, is to present useful formulations that can be readily applied to solve practical engineering problems. To this end, the final chapter supplies some fully worked examples to demonstrate the practical application of the GTD techniques developed in the earlier chapters.

Inspec keywords: geometrical theory of diffraction; geometrical optics; electromagnetic fields

Other keywords: straight edges; geometrical theory of diffraction; straight surfaces; electromagnetic fields; curved surfaces; geometrical optics; curved edges; GTD

Subjects: Geometrical optics; Electromagnetic waves: theory; Steady-state electromagnetic fields; electromagnetic induction

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