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Designing High-Performance Amplifiers (Analog Circuit Design Series: Volume 3)

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Author(s): D. Feucht 1
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Publication Year: 2010

The Analog Circuit Design Series set reduces the concepts of analog electronics to their simplest, most obvious form which can easily be applied (even quantitatively) with minimal effort. The emphasis of the set is to help you intuitively learn through inspection how circuits work and apply the same techniques to circuits of the same class. The third volume Designing High Performance Amplifiers applies the concepts from the first two volumes (9781891121869; 9781891121838). It is an advanced treatment of amplifier design/analysis emphasizing both wideband and precision amplification. Topics include bandwidth extension, noise and distortion, effects of components, instrumentation and isolation, amplifiers, autocalibration, thermal effects, current-feedback amplifiers, multi-path schemes, feed forward, fT multipliers, buffers, voltage translators, Giulbert gain cells and multipliers.

Inspec keywords: wideband amplifiers

Other keywords: high-performance amplifiers; precision amplification; wideband amplification; high-performance amplification

Subjects: Amplifiers; General electrical engineering topics

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