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Modern Filter Design: Active RC and switched capacitor

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image of Modern Filter Design: Active RC and switched capacitor
Author(s): Mohammed S. Ghausi 1  and  Kenneth R. Laker 2
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Publication Year: 2003

Originally published in 1981, Modern Filter Design remains a classic statement of the principles underlying the analysis and design of active RC and switched capacitor filters. Among other topics, the authors discuss the design of continuous-time, second order active sections (biquads), various measures of sensitivity, and the basic properties and classification of continuous-time and sampled data systems, together with filter transfer functions and approximations.

Inspec keywords: RC circuits; statistical analysis; switched capacitor filters; active filters; operational amplifiers; MOS integrated circuits; approximation theory

Other keywords: switched capacitor filters; higher-order filter design; active filter design analysis; active RC; operational amplifiers; MOS integrators; filter transmission; modern filter design; bipolar integrators; filter approximations; statistical sensitivity measurement; basic systems classifications; continuous-time second-order active sections

Subjects: Other MOS integrated circuits; Amplifiers; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Active filters and other active networks; General electrical engineering topics

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