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VLSI and Post-CMOS Electronics. Volume 2: Devices, circuits and interconnects

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image of VLSI and Post-CMOS Electronics. Volume 2: Devices, circuits and interconnects
Editors: Rohit Dhiman 1 ; Rajeevan Chandel 1
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Publication Year: 2019

VLSI, or Very-Large-Scale-Integration, is the practice of combining billions of transistors to create an integrated circuit. At present, VLSI circuits are realised using CMOS technology. However, the demand for ever smaller, more efficient circuits is now pushing the limits of CMOS. Post-CMOS refers to the possible future digital logic technologies beyond the CMOS scaling limits. This 2-volume set addresses the current state of the art in VLSI technologies and presents potential options for post-CMOS processes. VLSI and Post-CMOS Electronics is a useful reference guide for researchers, engineers and advanced students working in the area of design and modelling of VLSI and post-CMOS devices and their circuits. Volume 1 focuses on design, modelling and simulation, including applications in low voltage and low power VLSI, and post-CMOS devices and circuits. Volume 2 addresses a wide range of devices, circuits and interconnects.

Inspec keywords: SRAM chips; semiconductor device models; technology CAD (electronics); three-dimensional integrated circuits; permittivity; elemental semiconductors; CMOS integrated circuits; integrated circuit design; III-V semiconductors; silicon; MOSFET; VLSI

Other keywords: SRAM chips; integrated circuit design; VLSI; silicon; semiconductor device models; permittivity; MOSFET; technology CAD (electronics); III-V semiconductors; three-dimensional integrated circuits

Subjects: Insulated gate field effect transistors; Dielectric materials and properties; Memory circuits; Elemental semiconductors; CMOS integrated circuits; General electrical engineering topics; Semiconductor integrated circuit design, layout, modelling and testing; Semiconductor storage; Semiconductor device modelling, equivalent circuits, design and testing; General and management topics

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