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Self-Healing Materials: From fundamental concepts to advanced space and electronics applications (2nd Edition)

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Publication Year: 2019

Self-healing materials are an emerging class of smart materials that are capable of repairing themselves from damage, either spontaneously or under a stimulus such as light, heat, or the application of a solvent. Intended for an audience of researchers in academia and industry, this book addresses a wide range of self-healing materials and processes, with emphasis on their performance in the space environment. This revised, expanded and updated second edition addresses the key concepts of selfhealing processes, from their occurrences in nature through to recent advances in academic and industrial research. It includes a detailed description and explanation of a wide range of materials and applications such as polymeric, anticorrosion, smart paints, and carbon nanotubes. Emphasis is given to performance in the space environment, addressing vacuum, thermal gradients, mechanical vibrations, and space radiation. Innovations in controlling self-healing materials for space debris mitigation are also covered. The book concludes with a comprehensive outlook into the future developments and applications of self-healing materials.

Inspec keywords: polymers; space debris; fibre optic sensors; composite materials; biomimetics; impact testing; materials preparation; aerospace materials; intelligent materials

Other keywords: space environment; fibre sensors; polymers; healing mechanisms; self-healing materials; impact tests; natural processes; natural systems; COPV; finite element analysis; orbital space debris simulation; advanced fabrication processes; composites

Subjects: Materials testing; General topics in manufacturing and production engineering; Aerospace industry; Materials testing; Intelligent materials; Testing; Other topics in aerospace; Ballistics and mechanical impact (mechanical engineering); Intelligent materials (engineering materials science); Other methods of preparation of materials; Polymers and plastics (engineering materials science); Textbooks; Engineering mechanics; Composite materials (engineering materials science); General electrical engineering topics; Engineering materials

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