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Understandable Electric Circuits: Key concepts (2nd Edition)

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Author(s): Meizhong Wang 1
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Publication Year: 2019

In this digital age, as the role of electronic circuits becomes ever broader and more complex, a thorough understanding of the key concepts of circuits is a great advantage. This book offers a thorough reference guide to the theory, elements and design of basic electric circuits, providing a solid foundation for those who plan to move into the field of electronics engineering, and essential information for anyone who uses electric circuitry in their profession or research. The book is designed to be accessible to newcomers to the field while also providing a useful review for more advanced readers. It has been extensively revised and expanded for this new edition to provide a clear source of information on this complex topic. Materials are presented visually with less text and more outlines so that readers can quickly get to the heart of each topic, making studying and reviewing more effective.

Inspec keywords: computational electromagnetics; units (measurement); networks (circuits); circuit theory

Other keywords: mesh/node analysis; wye/delta circuits; inductor; mutual inductance/transformers; voltage/current divider rules; substitution theorems; resistor; units; transient analysis; Millman's theorems; Ohm's Law; circuit laws/rules; series/parallel circuits; resonance; capacitor; DC/AC circuits; three-phase systems; branch current; maximum power transfer; impedance; magnetism; electro-magnetism; dependent/independent sources; Thevenin's/ Norton's theorems; admittance; RLC circuits

Subjects: Education and training; General electrical engineering topics; Circuit theory; Measurement units; Electronic circuits

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