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Digitally Enhanced Mixed Signal Systems

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Editors: Chadi Jabbour 1 ; Patricia Desgreys 1 ; Dominique Dallet 2
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Publication Year: 2019

Digitally enhanced analog and mixed signal techniques are increasingly important to current and future circuit and system design. This book discusses how digital enhancement can be used to address key challenges relevant to analog components in terms of shrinking CMOS technology, increasing user demand for higher flexibility and data traffic in communications networks, and the drive to reduce power consumption. The book opens with an introduction to the main trends in current digitally enhanced systems, emphasising the impact of shrinking technology, and provides an overview of the principles of non-linear models. Later chapters cover pre-distortion and post-distortion techniques, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, clock generation, fixed-point refinement and adaptive filtering. Key themes of the book are the implementation approaches common between digital enhancement techniques and the trade-offs between complexity and performance for digitally enhanced devices and circuits. The book will be of particular interest to academic researchers and engineers working in analog and mixed signal circuit and system design.

Inspec keywords: CMOS digital integrated circuits; radiofrequency integrated circuits; mixed analogue-digital integrated circuits; CMOS analogue integrated circuits

Other keywords: analog components; digital enhancement techniques; data traffic; digitally enhanced mixed signal systems; communications networks; mixed-signal components; CMOS technology; RF components

Subjects: Mixed analogue-digital circuits; Analogue circuit design, modelling and testing; Microwave integrated circuits; General electrical engineering topics; CMOS integrated circuits; Digital circuit design, modelling and testing

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