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RF and Microwave Module Level Design and Integration

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image of RF and Microwave Module Level Design and Integration
Author(s): Mohammad Almalkawi 1
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Publication Year: 2019

RF and Microwave Module Level Design and Integration presents a thorough introduction to the basic elements of radio frequency (RF) and microwave modules, followed by a discussion of system-level concepts and measures that can be applied to real-world designs. With a strong emphasis on design and integration, the book offers practical solutions to today's commonly encountered challenges in RF and microwave modules, including system integration, network loss reduction techniques, electromagnetic compatibility, crosstalk reduction techniques, computer-aided design tools, system-level modeling methodologies, and system-level performance evaluation via common RF measurements. Several design examples are presented across the book chapters. This book describes techniques for the design and development of today's complex (multi-chip) radio frequency and microwave modules for an audience of engineers in academia and industry, and advanced students focusing on RF and microwave module design and integration.

Inspec keywords: modules; circuit CAD; electromagnetic coupling; impedance matching; passive networks; lumped parameter networks; electronics packaging; microwave circuits

Other keywords: RF circuits; device packaging; component-level measurements; microwave network analysis; microwave circuits; RF device; microwave device; lumped passive elements; module packaging; module-level measurements; distributed passive elements; impedance matching networks; CAD; electromagnetic field couplings; RF front-end modules

Subjects: Microwave circuits and devices; Product packaging; Education and training

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