Technology Computer Aided Design for Si, SiGe and GaAs Integrated Circuits

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image of Technology Computer Aided Design for Si, SiGe and GaAs Integrated Circuits
Author(s): C. K. Maiti  and  G. A. Armstrong
Publication Year: 2007

The first book to deal with a broad spectrum of process and device design, and modelling issues related to semiconductor devices, bridging the gap between device modelling and process design using TCAD. Presents a comprehensive perspective of emerging fields and covers topics ranging from materials to fabrication, devices, modelling and applications. Aimed at research-and-development engineers and scientists involved in microelectronics technology and device design via Technology CAD, and TCAD engineers and developers.

Inspec keywords: gallium arsenide; circuit CAD; network analysis; Ge-Si alloys

Other keywords: semiconductor industry; technology computer aided design; research and development; microelectronic process technology; SiGe; TCAD; device compact model parameter extraction; circuit analysis; integrated circuit; International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors

Subjects: Computer-aided circuit analysis and design; Electronic engineering computing; Semiconductor integrated circuit design, layout, modelling and testing

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