Analogue-digital ASICs: circuit techniques, design tools and applications

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image of Analogue-digital ASICs: circuit techniques, design tools and applications
Editors: R. S. Soin 1 ; F. Maloberti 2 ; J. Franca 3
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Publication Year: 1991

A wide-ranging book on the subject of mixed analogue digital ASICs, this title covers processing technology, circuit techniques and building blocks, design and applications, and CAD and supporting tools.

Inspec keywords: analogue-digital conversion; high level synthesis; switched capacitor filters; application specific integrated circuits; BiCMOS digital integrated circuits; circuit testing; BiCMOS analogue integrated circuits; operational amplifiers; video communication; signal processing

Other keywords: high level simulation; design tools; self-callibrating converters; circuit technique; automated analogue design; video communication application; algorithmic converters; hardware description languages; automated high level synthesis; switched current technique; analogue sampled data signal processing; circuit level/gate level mixed-mode simulation; high flexibility BiCMOS standard cell library; mixed analogue-digital design; data converters; mixed analogue-digital ASIC; operational amplifiers; mixed signal ASIC; advanced BiCMOS ASIC process; data conversation; switched capacitor filters; mixed analogue-digital circuit testing; oversampling converters; comparators

Subjects: Television and video equipment, systems and applications; Semiconductor integrated circuits; Telecommunication applications; Signal processing and detection; Signal processing and conditioning equipment and techniques; Mixed analogue-digital circuits; General circuit analysis and synthesis methods; Time varying and switched networks

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