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Imaging and Sensing for Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Volume 2: Deployment and Applications

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image of Imaging and Sensing for Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Volume 2: Deployment and Applications
Editors: Vania V. Estrela 1 ; Jude Hemanth 2 ; Osamu Saotome 3 ; George Nikolakopoulos 4 ; Roberto Sabatini 5
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Publication Year: 2020

This two volume book set explores how sensors and computer vision technologies are used for the navigation, control, stability, reliability, guidance, fault detection, self-maintenance, strategic re-planning and reconfiguration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Volume 1 concentrates on UAS control and performance methodologies including Computer Vision and Data Storage, Integrated Optical Flow for Detection and Avoidance Systems, Navigation and Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation, Multisensor Data Fusion, Vision in Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAVs), Computer Vision in UAV using ROS, Security Aspects of UAV and Robot Operating System, Vision in Indoor and Outdoor Drones, Sensors and Computer Vision, and Small UAVP for Persistent Surveillance. Volume 2 focuses on UAS deployment and applications including UAV-CPSs as a Testbed for New Technologies and a Primer to Industry 5.0, Human-Machine Interface Design, Open Source Software (OSS) and Hardware (OSH), Image Transmission in MIMO-OSTBC System, Image Database, Communications Requirements, Video Streaming, and Communications Links, Multispectral vs Hyperspectral Imaging, Aerial Imaging and Reconstruction of Infrastructures, Deep Learning as an Alternative to Super Resolution Imaging, and Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Inspec keywords: image processing; multimedia systems; cyber-physical systems; wireless sensor networks; autonomous aerial vehicles; quality of service

Other keywords: UAV cyber-physical system; mechatronic framework; communication protocol layers; drone; high-dimensional sensor data; unmanned aerial vehicle; wireless sensor networks; quality of service; wireless multimedia sensor network; WSNs; ground control station; multi-dimensional sensors; wirelessly connected sensor nodes; visual sensor and actuator networks; remotely piloted aircraft system; WMSN; aeronautics; unmanned aircraft system

Subjects: Mobile robots; Optical, image and video signal processing; Wireless sensor networks; Multimedia communications; General and management topics; Aerospace control; Multimedia; General electrical engineering topics; Computer vision and image processing techniques

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