Swarm Intelligence -Volume 2: Innovation, new algorithms and methods

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Editor: Ying Tan 1
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Publication Year: 2018

Swarm Intelligence (SI) is one of the most important and challenging paradigms under the umbrella of computational intelligence. It focuses on the research of collective behaviours of a swarm in nature and/or social phenomenon to solve complicated and difficult problems which cannot be handled by traditional approaches. Thousands of papers are published each year presenting new algorithms, new improvements and numerous real world applications. This makes it hard for researchers and students to share their ideas with other colleagues; follow up the works from other researchers with common interests; and to follow new developments and innovative approaches. This complete and timely collection fills this gap by presenting the latest research systematically and thoroughly to provide readers with a full view of the field of swarm. Students will learn the principles and theories of typical swarm intelligence algorithms; scholars will be inspired with promising research directions; and practitioners will find suitable methods for their applications of interest along with useful instructions. Volume 2 includes 17 chapters covering front-edge research with novel and newly proposed algorithms and methods. The companion volume 1 covers principles of swarm intelligence, current algorithms and methods; and volume 3 covers applications of swarm intelligence algorithms. With contributions from an international selection of leading researchers, Swarm Intelligence is essential reading for engineers, researchers, professionals and practitioners with interests in swarm intelligence.

Inspec keywords: swarm intelligence; optimisation; predator-prey systems

Other keywords: fireworks algorithm; interactive chaotic evolution; inclined planes system optimisation; binary moth-flame optimisation algorithm; grey wolf optimisation; predator-prey optimisation; binary whale optimisation; firefly algorithm; ant lion optimiser; swarm intelligence; glowworm swarm optimisation

Subjects: Optimisation techniques; Expert systems and other AI software and techniques; Artificial intelligence

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