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Modeling, Simulation and Control of Electrical Drives

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Editors: Muhammed Fazlur Rahman 1 ; Sanjeet K. Dwivedi 2
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Publication Year: 2019

Thanks to advances in power electronics device design, digital signal processing technologies and energy efficient algorithms, ac motors have become the backbone of the power electronics industry. Variable frequency drives (VFD's) together with IE3 and IE4 induction motors, permanent magnet motors, and synchronous reluctance motors have emerged as a new generation of greener high-performance technologies, which offer improvements to process and speed control, product quality, energy consumption and diagnostics analytics. Primarily intended for professionals and advanced students who are working on sensorless control, predictive control, direct torque control, speed control and power quality and optimisation techniques for electric drives, this edited book surveys state of the art novel control techniques for different types of ac machines. The book provides a framework of different modeling and control algorithms using MATLAB®/Simulink®, and presents design, simulation and experimental verification techniques for the design of lower cost and more reliable and performant systems.

Inspec keywords: sensorless machine control; machine vector control; PWM power convertors; synchronous motor drives; torque control; PWM invertors; machine control; closed loop systems; permanent magnet motors; induction motor drives

Other keywords: induction motor drives; torque control; PWM power convertors; PWM invertors; closed loop systems; permanent magnet motors; machine vector control; synchronous motor drives; sensorless machine control; machine control

Subjects: Control of electric power systems; Asynchronous machines; Drives; General electrical engineering topics; Power electronics, supply and supervisory circuits; Mechanical variables control; General and management topics; Synchronous machines

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