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Ground Penetrating Radar: Improving sensing and imaging through numerical modeling

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Publication Year: 2021

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a powerful sensing technology widely used for the non-destructive assessment of a variety of structures with different properties including dimensions, electrical properties, and moisture. After an introduction to the underlying concepts, this book guides the reader through the development and use of a GPR system, with an emphasis on the parameters that can be optimized, the theory behind assessment, and a coherent methodology to obtain results from a measured or simulated GPR signal. The authors then embark on a detailed discussion of support tools and numerical modelling techniques that can be applied to improve readings from GPR systems. Ground Penetrating Radar is of interest to engineers, scientists, researchers and professionals working in the fields of ground penetrating radar, non-destructive testing, geoscience and remote sensing, antennas and propagation, microwaves, electromagnetics and imaging. It will also be of use to professionals and academics in the fields of electrical, mechanical, sensing, and civil engineering as well as material science and archaeology concerned with quality control and fault analysis.

Inspec keywords: radar antennas; ground penetrating radar; electromagnetic field theory; numerical analysis; radar imaging; electromagnetic wave propagation; optimisation

Other keywords: problem complexity; ground penetrating radar sensing; ground penetrating radar imaging; radar signal processing; electromagnetic theory; stochastic algorithms; GPR; pattern recognition; numerical modeling; system specification; radar antenna design

Subjects: Radar equipment, systems and applications; Radar theory; General electrical engineering topics; Antennas; Numerical analysis; Optical, image and video signal processing; Optimisation techniques

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