The Inverted Pendulum in Control Theory and Robotics: From theory to new innovations

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image of The Inverted Pendulum in Control Theory and Robotics: From theory to new innovations
Editors: Olfa Boubaker 1 ; Rafael Iriarte 2
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Publication Year: 2017

The inverted pendulum is a classic problem in dynamics and control theory and is widely used as a benchmark for testing control algorithms. It is also an area of active study, with many new innovations and applications - for example, the problem is solved in the technology of the Segway, a self-balancing transportation device. This book provides an overall picture of historical and current trends and the developments in nonlinear control theory, based on the simple structure and rich nonlinear model of the inverted pendulum. After an introduction to the system and open/current problems, the book covers the topic in four parts: applications of robust state estimation and control to pendulum-cart systems; controllers for under-actuated mechanical systems; nonlinear controllers for mobile inverted pendulum systems; and robust controllers based observers via Takagi-Sugeno or linear approaches. With contributions from international researchers in the field, The Inverted Pendulum in Control Theory and Robotics is essential reading for researchers, scientists, engineers and students in the field of control theory, robotics and nonlinear systems

Inspec keywords: robust control; state estimation; linear systems; pendulums; nonlinear control systems; robots

Other keywords: Takagi-Sugeno approach; underactuated mechanical systems; control theory; robotics; nonlinear controllers; inverted pendulum; robust state estimation; linear approach; robust control

Subjects: Stability in control theory; Nonlinear control systems; Robotics; General and management topics

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