Organic Sensors: Materials and Applications

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image of Organic Sensors: Materials and Applications
Editors: Eduardo Garcia-Breijo 1 ; Berta Gómez-Lor Pérez 2 ; Piero Cosseddu 3
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Publication Year: 2016

This book reviews the state of the art in the use of organic materals as physical, chemical and biomedical sensors in a variety of application settings. Topics covered include organic semiconductors for chemical and physical sensing; conducting polymers in sensor applications; chemically functionalized organic semiconductors for highly selective sensing; composite organic-inorganic sensors; artificial skin applications; organic thin film transistor strain gauges for biomedical applications; OTFT infrared sensors for touchless human-machine interaction; smart fabric sensors and e-textile technologie; image capture with organic sensors; organic gas sensors and electronic noses; electrolyte gated organic transistors for bio-chemical sensing; ion-selective organic electrochemical transistors; DNA biosensors; metabolic organic sensors; and conductive polymer based sensors for biomedical applications.

Inspec keywords: conducting materials; biosensors; polymer electrolytes; intelligent sensors; electronic noses; DNA; transistors

Other keywords: electrolyte-gated organic transistor; conductive organic material; smart fabric sensor architecture; DNA biosensing application; conducting polymer; electronic nose; artificial skin application; ion sensor; organic gas sensor; organic transistor-based mechanical sensor

Subjects: Chemical sensors; Semiconductor devices; Electrochemistry and electrophoresis; Biosensors; Molecular biophysics; General electrical engineering topics; Textbooks; Chemical variables measurement; Intelligent sensors; Biosensors; Chemical sensors

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