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Practical Robotics and Mechatronics: Marine, Space and Medical Applications

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Author(s): Ikuo Yamamoto 1
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Publication Year: 2016

The world is experiencing the beginning of a revolution in robotics and mechatronics. A key part of this revolution is integration with the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine interfaces. This networking of robotics and mechatronics promises significant market opportunities for a new generation of robots. The basic theory and procedures for the design and development of practical robotics and mechatronics are important for all students and engineers who wish to engage in the field and this book provides an essential introduction to this, describing how to successfully create practical robotics and mechatronics. It is based on the author's 30 years of experience of robotics development in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., JAMSTEC, and Nagasaki University, and contains many examples of real-world robots from new underwater vehicles, ships, robotic fish, unmanned aviation robotics, to space robotics, and medical robotics.

Inspec keywords: medicine; robots; aerospace engineering; marine engineering; mechatronics; sustainable development

Other keywords: medical robotics; medical applications; basic system design procedure; sustainable energy systems; mechatronics; space applications; marine applications; marine robotics; aerospace robotics

Subjects: Artificial intelligence; Transducers and sensing devices; Engineering computing; General and management topics; Actuating and final control devices; Biology and medical computing; Transportation system control; Control applications to materials handling; Control applications in manufacturing processes; Robotics

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