Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Systems

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Author(s): Zhengtao Ding 1
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Publication Year: 2013

An adaptive system for linear systems with unknown parameters is a nonlinear system. The analysis of such adaptive systems requires similar techniques to analyse nonlinear systems. Therefore it is natural to treat adaptive control as a part of nonlinear control systems. Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Systems treats nonlinear control and adaptive control in a unified framework, presenting the major results at a moderate mathematical level, suitable for MSc students and engineers with undergraduate degrees. Topics covered include introduction to nonlinear systems; state space models; describing functions for common nonlinear components; stability theory; feedback linearization; adaptive control; nonlinear observer design; backstepping design; disturbance rejection and output regulation; and control applications, including harmonic estimation and rejection in power distribution systems, observer and control design for circadian rhythms, and discrete-time implementation of continuous-time nonlinear control laws.

Inspec keywords: control system synthesis; adaptive control; nonlinear control systems; feedback; linearisation techniques; stability; linear systems; state-space methods; observers

Other keywords: disturbance rejection; state space models; nonlinear observer design; describing functions; advanced stability theory; linear systems; nonlinear control system; adaptive control systems; output regulation; feedback linearisation; control applications; backstepping design

Subjects: General and management topics; Self-adjusting control systems; Stability in control theory; Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Nonlinear control systems

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