A History of Control Engineering 1930-1955

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image of A History of Control Engineering 1930-1955
Author(s): S. Bennett
Publication Year: 1993

Following his book on the origin of control engineering (1800-1930) the author now traces development through the critical period 1930-1955, widely identified as the period of 'classical' control theory. In the 1930s basic automatic control devices were developed and used in process industries, as were servos for the control of aircraft and ships and amplifiers for the telephone system and early computers etc.

Inspec keywords: servomechanisms; feedback amplifiers; military aircraft; process control

Other keywords: wartime; process control; servomechanism; electronic negative feedback amplifier; control technology

Subjects: Control applications in manufacturing processes; Control technology and theory; Defence industry; Control in industrial production systems; Military control systems; Aerospace control; Industrial processes; Aerospace industry; General control topics

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