Digital Signal Processing: principles, devices and applications

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image of Digital Signal Processing: principles, devices and applications
Editors: N. B. Jones; J. D. McK. Watson
Publication Year: 1990

Recent progress in the design and production of digital signal processing (DSP) devices has provided significant new opportunities to workers in the already extensive field of signal processing. It is now possible to contemplate the use of DSP techniques in cost-sensitive wide bandwidth applications, thereby making more effective use of the large body of available signal processing knowledge. Digital signal processing, long the province of telecommunications is, in both research and applications contexts, of growing importance in fields of medical signal analysis, industrial control (particularly robotics), in the analysis and synthesis of speech and in both audio and video entertainment systems. The growing demand for engineering skills in these areas has led to the writing of this book and the presentation of the material of the book at an lEE-sponsored Vacation School at the University of Leicester. This book is different from others in the field in that it not only presents the fundamentals of DSP ranging from data conversion to z-transforms and spectral analysis, extending this into the areas of digital filtering and control, but also gives significant detail of the new devices themselves and how to use them. In addition to presenting the basic theory and describing the devices and how to design with them, the material is consolidated by extensive use of real examples in specific case studies. The book is directed at readers with first degree level training in engineering, physical sciences or mathematics and with some understanding of electronics, and is appropriate for design engineers in industry, users of DSP devices in scientific research and in all technical development areas associated with the processing of signals for display, storage, transmission or control.

Inspec keywords: digital control; signal processing; digital filters; state-space methods; microcontrollers; digital communication; speech processing; Kalman filters; systolic arrays

Other keywords: discrete signal; Z-transform; DSP chip; speech processing; microcontroller; IIR filter design; Fourier series; FIR filter design; state space control; Kalman filter; signal processing; digital filter; digital control; systolic array; digital communication system

Subjects: Microprocessor chips; Digital signal processing; Control engineering computing; Telecommunication applications; Microprocessors and microcomputers; Signal processing and detection; Computer networks and techniques

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