Continuous Time Controller Design

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image of Continuous Time Controller Design
Author(s): R. Balasubramanian
Publication Year: 1989

State space analysis of systems. Modal control. Quadratic optimal control. Design of observers. Other selected design methods in the state space. Frequency domain analysis of multivariable systems. The Inverse Nyquist array method. The characteristic locus method. Frequency domain design by factorisation methods. Selected stochastic problems.

Inspec keywords: state-space methods; stochastic systems; continuous time systems; frequency-domain analysis; multivariable control systems; linear systems; control system synthesis

Other keywords: characteristic locus design; state space design methods; frequency domain design methods; linear multivariate systems; control engineering; graduate courses; stochastic control problems; control systems; continuous time controllers design

Subjects: Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Time-varying control systems; Mathematical analysis; Multivariable control systems

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