Industrial Digital Control Systems (2nd Edition)

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image of Industrial Digital Control Systems
Editors: K. Warwick 1 ; D. Rees 2
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Publication Year: 1988

Includes: Digital signals and systems. Digital controllers for process control applications. Design of digital controllers. Control of time delay systems. State-space concepts. System identification. Introduction to discrete optimal control. Multivariable control. Adaptive control. Computer aided design for industrial control systems. Reliability and redundancy in microprocessor controllers. Software and hardware aspects of industrial controller implementations. Application of distributed digital control algorithms to power stations. An expert system for process control.

Inspec keywords: distributed control; identification; industrial control; adaptive control; control system CAD; self-adjusting systems; optimal control; robots; multivariable control systems; digital control; microprocessor chips

Other keywords: microcomputer control; industrial control systems; distributed digital control; adaptive control; optimal control; artificial intelligence; robot dynamic control; microprocessor controllers; system identification; decoupling control; digital signals; computer aided control system design; self-tuning control; industrial digital control systems; computer aided design; state-space concepts; multivariable control; digital systems; process control

Subjects: Control in industrial production systems; Microprocessor chips; Control engineering computing; Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Control technology and theory; Self-adjusting control systems; Robotics; Optimal control; Multivariable control systems; Simulation, modelling and identification

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