Applied Control Theory (2nd Edition)

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Author(s): J. R. Leigh
Publication Year: 1987

'To the surprise of some undergraduates, processes do not carry labels marking their variables nor, alas, are they conveniently classified into linear, nonlinear, stochastic, etc., categories. The ability to come to terms with this situation is a prerequisite for anyone proposing to succeed in an industrial environment.' This quotation from Chapter 1 characterises the viewpoint of the book, which is concerned with the application of control theory to real problems in their industrial context. The book is structured around the following beliefs: (a) Economic aspects must be considered at an early stage of any project; (b) Simple techniques and ready-made manufacturer's solutions should be applied wherever possible; (c) More advanced techniques will be received enthusiastically in those applications where they can offer a genuine contribution; (d) Control systems using distributed microprocessor power will have an impact that is difficult to exaggerate. Control engineers must become familiar with the concepts involved; and (e) Familiarity with a wide range of applications is indispensable in developing an efficient approach in the field of applied control theory. This second edition includes new material and supporting references on: robotics control; programmable logic controllers; self-tuning controllers; distributed computer control systems; and biotechnological control. The book should be accessible to a wide variety of engineers. Preferably they should have an elementary knowledge of automatic control theory.

Inspec keywords: computerised control; control system synthesis; servomechanisms; direct digital control; DC motors; industrial economics; measurement; robots

Other keywords: robotics; controller design; industrial economics; servomechanism; computer control method; DC motor; direct digital control algorithm

Subjects: Control theory; Robotics; Actuating and final control devices; Control engineering computing

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