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Empowering Smart Cities through Community-Centred Public Private Partnerships and Innovations

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Editors: Debra Lam 1 ; Andrea Fernández 2
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Publication Year: 2023

Cities are at the heart of the biggest challenges facing humanity - from the cost-of-living crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic, to climate change to inequality and social injustice. Local governments around the world are facing increased expectations to support the transition to a more just and sustainable society and are under pressure to do more with fewer resources. Rapid urbanization is creating significant pressure on cities to expand and improve housing and infrastructure, and improve social equity, health and quality of life, all while fostering a robust economy that can provide good jobs for all. Nonetheless, cities are also our best hope for the future and remain at the heart of economic growth, innovation and job creation.

Tackling multifaceted issues like climate change, digitalization and innovation, economic revitalization and social inclusion cannot be led by cities acting on their own. Cities must work with different actors in the community - researchers, private sector, community leaders, households and even national governments - to drive and deliver on this agenda. This book explores how cities and local stakeholders can come together to share knowledge and expertise, bring their diverse perspectives and co-create solutions to complex urban challenges.

Empowering Smart Cities through Community-Centred Public Private Partnerships and Innovations presents eight case studies from around the world that demonstrate unique forms of collaboration between local governments, businesses, start-ups, academia, and citizens. A Community-Centred Public Private Partnership or CP3 is defined as an alliance of diverse stakeholders that responds to complex urban challenges like digital transformation and climate change, empowers the locality, shares risk and responsibility among partners, and leverages resources to work towards the vision for a public good.

The book is intended for local government authorities, researchers, business leaders, policy-makers and urban professionals who are passionate about working locally and collaboratively to shape more sustainable, resilient, innovative and inclusive cities.

Inspec keywords: public administration; smart cities; government policies; town and country planning; organisational aspects

Other keywords: investment; public administration; local government; town and country planning; air quality; organisational aspects; climate mitigation; smart cities; fossil fuels; government policies

Subjects: Smart cities; General and management topics; Public administration; Social and political issues; Environmental issues; General topics in manufacturing and production engineering; Engineering mechanics; Organisational aspects

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