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This chapter serves as an introduction to Part I of Volume 2 of the book, on the subjects of Waveform Diversity and Cognitive Radar. These are relatively recent concepts, and twenty years ago the terms would hardly have been recognized. Now, though, they can both be regarded as mainstream subjects in radar research, with entire sessions at radar conferences devoted to them.

Chapter Contents:

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Waveform diversity
  • 3 From adaptivity to cognition
  • 4 The spectrum problem
  • 4.1 Spectrally clean waveforms
  • 4.2 Waveforms with dynamically variable spectral nulls
  • 4.3 Passive radar
  • 4.4 Intelligent, cognitive processing
  • 4.5 Regulatory approaches
  • 5 Bistatic, multistatic and networked radar
  • 5.1 Origins and properties
  • 5.2 Passive radar
  • 6 Structure of Part I of Volume 2
  • Acknowledgements
  • References

Inspec keywords: radar applications

Other keywords: cognitive radar; radar conferences; radar research; waveform diversity

Subjects: Radar equipment, systems and applications

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