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The RDR-4B is a pulse-doppler forward-looking weather radar, operating in nearly every type of commercial transport aircraft. Besides the ability to penetrate weather systems and accurately map rainfall and turbulence, it meets all FAA requirements for stand-alone windshear detection. At altitude, the radar provides a detailed ground-clutter-free color weather display of a ±40° forward sector out to a selectable maximum range of up to 320 nmi. Whenever the absolute altitude is less than 2,300 feet, the windshear detection mode is automatically activated on alternate antenna scans.

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  • RDR-4B Civil Weather Radar

Inspec keywords: meteorological radar; turbulence; aircraft antennas; Doppler radar; radar clutter

Other keywords: FAA requirements; civil applications; rainfall map; ground-clutter-free color weather display; pulse-Doppler forward-looking weather radar; antenna scans; RDR-4B; commercial transport aircraft; stand-alone windshear detection; weather systems; turbulence

Subjects: Atmospheric, ionospheric and magnetospheric techniques and equipment; Single antennas; Radar equipment, systems and applications

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