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Focusing on the big issues has allowed some smaller items to go unnoticed. In this chapter, a few of the more obscure commands and techniques are discussed. The fact that these topics weren't included in the examples implies nothing about their general importance. What it does imply is that MATLAB includes object-oriented tools and capability beyond what has already been discussed. Some of the topics are only useful during debug, while others are only useful under very specific conditions. The brief discussion for each topic provides a starting point. The help browser and other third-party resources help fill in the gaps.

Chapter Contents:

  • 24.1 A Small Assortment of Useful Commands
  • 24.1.1 objectdirectory
  • 24.1.2 methods and methodsview
  • 24.1.3 functions
  • 24.2 Other Functions You Might Want to Overload
  • 24.2.1 Functions for Built-in Types
  • 24.2.2 subsindex
  • 24.2.3 isfield
  • 24.3 Summary
  • 24.4 Independent Investigations

Inspec keywords: mathematics computing; object-oriented programming

Other keywords: MATLAB; debug

Subjects: Object-oriented programming; Mathematics computing

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