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Since the impulse response of the transversal filter consists of a sequence of weighted impulse functions, it is convenient to adopt the z-transform description for the filter transfer function instead of the Laplace transform description. It has been seen that the frequency response H(jω) is periodic with period determined by the signal bandwidth 1/Δ and that the number of zeros that can occur across the signal bandwidth is equal to the number of delay elements in the tapped-delay line. It remains to show that the resolution associated with each of the zeros of H(jω) is approximately 1/NΔ, where N = number of taps in the tapped-delay line.

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Inspec keywords: frequency response; delay lines; Laplace transforms; transfer functions; transient response; adaptive signal processing

Other keywords: weighted impulse functions; adaptive arrays; frequency response characteristics; tapped-delay lines; transversal filter; delay elements; Laplace transform description; z-transform; impulse response; signal bandwidth; filter transfer function

Subjects: Integral transforms; Signal processing theory; Integral transforms; Signal processing and detection

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