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Apart from showing how wide bandwidth amplifiers and some of the resulting circuits are designed, the author wanted to explore the techniques used for designing these circuits. While not every circuit invented can be shown in one book, the techniques used here are applicable to any circuit. If you understand these techniques, then you will have added a powerful new tool to your arsenal. These techniques are not limited to broadband amplifiers. They can be easily adapted to narrowband applications or, in a general sense, to low-frequency applications. A major aspect of the technique is to recognize that SPICE and the other simulation programs 'throw the book' at a problem by using every conceivable transistor parameter under the sun to model the problem.

Inspec keywords: wideband amplifiers; network synthesis; transistors; SPICE

Other keywords: SPICE; circuit design; wideband amplifier design; transistor parameter

Subjects: Amplifiers; Electronic engineering computing; Computer-aided circuit analysis and design; Analogue circuit design, modelling and testing

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