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Cogeneration is an available and proven technology that can be used to go some way towards meeting these needs. Both the US Federal Government and the European Union (EU) have said that they are committed to doubling cogeneration use by 2010. Within Europe, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands generate over 33 per cent of their electricity needs from cogeneration, while Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain generate over 10 percent of their electricity needs from cogeneration. However, the average amount of electricity generated by cogeneration across the EU as a whole is less than 9 per cent, indicating that there is considerable untapped potential in many countries.

Inspec keywords: electricity; cogeneration

Other keywords: Finland; European Union; US Federal Government; Portugal; Denmark; cogeneration; Austria; Germany; Spain; electricity generation; The Netherlands; Italy

Subjects: Thermal power stations and plants

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