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Although ultrasound motion estimation has many applications in distinct scientific domains, within the medical field, motion estimation naturally goes hand in hand with cardiac imaging. As such, it is not surprising to see that most practical examples discussed in this part of the book relate to the heart despite the fact the motion estimation methodologies presented are generic.

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  • 18.1 Automation
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Inspec keywords: biomedical ultrasonics; medical image processing; echocardiography; image registration; biomechanics

Other keywords: 3D tracking; automation; myocardial motion; RF based motion estimation; 2D tracking; automatic image analysis; deformation imaging; image registration; large field of view volumetric imaging; cardiac mechanics; echocardiography; ultrasound motion estimation

Subjects: Mechanical properties of tissues and organs; Sonic and ultrasonic applications; Sonic and ultrasonic radiation (medical uses); Sonic and ultrasonic radiation (biomedical imaging/measurement); Biology and medical computing; Optical, image and video signal processing; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation

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