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The first section consisting of four chapters focuses on an overview of lower limb wearable robots, the development of soft-robotic systems, and their user requirements. Specifically, Chapter 1 gives an overview of lower limb wearable systems and explores the promises and challenges when developing these new types of inherently safe exoskeleton systems. Chapter 2 reviews the current medical- and non-medical (or service-based) exoskeletons being developed in R&D projects funded in Europe. Chapter 3 defines and explains the new field of soft, wearable robots including lower limb exosuits, covering systems to assist the elbow and hand, and devices that can be implanted into the body. Last, Chapter 4 focuses on the user requirements for developing lower limb exoskeletons with a case study focusing on XoSoft, a lower limb exoskeleton using soft robotic technology.

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