Inspec keywords: contact angle; extrusion; hydrophobicity; aluminium alloys; hydrophilicity; wetting; scanning electron microscopy; laser materials processing; surface treatment; surface morphology; chemical analysis; surface texture; X-ray photoelectron spectra; adhesion

Other keywords: microgroove array; X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; suspended state; superhydrophilicity; water droplets; antiadhesion properties; self-cleaning behaviour; external extrusion; low-adhesion aluminium alloy surface; chemical composition; laser processing; superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface; model Cassie state; scanning electron microscopy; wettability; laser surface texturing; sliding angle; water contact angle; surface morphology

Subjects: Other heat and thermomechanical treatments; Surface treatment and degradation of metals and alloys; Photoemission and photoelectron spectra (condensed matter); Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (photoelectron, Auger spectroscopy, etc.); Solid surface structure; Laser materials processing