Inspec keywords: ceramics; piezoelectric transducers; cantilevers; energy harvesting; micromechanical devices; corona; sputtering; piezoelectric materials

Other keywords: cantilever-type VEH; phosphor bronze rectangular plate; size 25 mm; fabrication process; bar-coating method; size 30 mum; load resistance; size 15 mm; coatable polyvinylidene difluoride; ceramic piezoelectric materials; aluminium top electrode; size 0.1 mm; size 30 mm; PVDF film; size 10 mm; size 35 mm; polymer piezoelectric material; polarisation; DC sputtering; corona discharge method; frequency 55 Hz; size 0.3 mm; microelectromechanical systems process; piezoelectric vibration energy harvester

Subjects: Energy harvesting; MEMS and NEMS device technology; Dielectric breakdown and discharges; Piezoelectric devices; Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials; Energy harvesting