Inspec keywords: microfabrication; conducting polymers; encapsulation; surface potential; emulsions; molecular biophysics; proteins; drugs; Fourier transform infrared spectra; pharmaceuticals; light scattering; scanning electron microscopy

Other keywords: poly-lactic acid-poly-lactic glycolic acid microparticles; surface zeta potential; outer membrane protein; dynamic light scattering; DLS; stability measurement; poly dispersity index; simulated body fluids; charge parameter scale; scanning electron microscopy; morphology; OMP antigens; OMP encapsulated PLA-PLGA microparticles; Fourier transmission infrared spectroscopy; double emulsion preparation technique; PLA-PLGA polymer matrix; pH; simulated body fluid; Vibrio cholerae; body temperature; pharmaceutical drugs

Subjects: Preparation of polymers and plastics; Structure of polymers, elastomers, and plastics; Infrared and Raman spectra in disordered solids; Emulsions and suspensions; Molecular biophysics; Solid surface structure