Inspec keywords: medical image processing; biological tissues; surgery; finite element analysis; neurophysiology; image registration; biomechanics; biomedical MRI; brain

Other keywords: wireless transmission-based brain shift compensation system; meshing module; boundary condition acquisition module; image guided neurosurgery system; communication module; brain tissue extraction module; system exchanges data; three-dimensional visualisation module; brain deformation correction software platform; preoperative image update module; finite element calculation module; brain tissue deformation correction software platform; calibration module; brain-shift-compensation-based guidance

Subjects: Medical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Optical, image and video signal processing; Numerical approximation and analysis; Biophysics of neurophysiological processes; Patient care and treatment; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Biology and medical computing; Patient care and treatment; Biomedical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy