Inspec keywords: torque control; adaptive control; biomechanics; PD control; motion control; legged locomotion; Coriolis force; collision avoidance; control system synthesis; robot kinematics; robot dynamics

Other keywords: ankle joint; centrifugal force torque; inertial load adaptive control; knee joint; Lagrange equation; obstacle-overcoming capability; kinematics analysis; continuous movement; gravity torque compensation function; inertial load adaptive proportional differential controller; compensation gravity load; parameter table; DH model; five-degree-of-freedom double-legged wall-climbing robot; nonlinear mass function; inertial load acceleration torque; foot-type climbing robot; Coriolis force torque; vertical wall

Subjects: Mobile robots; Self-adjusting control systems; Control system analysis and synthesis methods; Mechanical variables control; Robot and manipulator mechanics; Spatial variables control