Inspec keywords: seals (stoppers); friction; computational fluid dynamics; elasticity; deformation; stress analysis; mechanical engineering computing; valves

Other keywords: nonlinear mechanical response; size 0.1 mm; friction coefficient; nonmetallic elastic valve spool; pre-compression; deformation; bidirectional fluid–solid coupling analysis; valve sleeve; dynamic sealing performance; static sealing performance; ANSYS Workbench; nonmetallic valve spool; static sealing effect; Fluent; elastic check valve spool; stress; check valve spool structure; elastic material; medical water jet; metal valve spool

Subjects: Tribology (mechanical engineering); Mechanical engineering applications of IT; Applied fluid mechanics; Fluid mechanics and aerodynamics (mechanical engineering); Elasticity (mechanical engineering); Civil and mechanical engineering computing; General fluid dynamics theory, simulation and other computational methods; Mechanical components