Inspec keywords: energy storage; AC-DC power convertors; Internet; power grids; wind power plants; photovoltaic power systems; power generation reliability; power electronics; power aware computing; power transformers; hybrid power systems; computer centres; thermal power stations; power supplies to apparatus

Other keywords: photovoltaic generation; power supply reliability calculation; AC-&-DC hybrid power supply system; green data centre; energy Internet; distributed renewable energy; power storage system; multiport power electronic transformer; thermal utilisation system; AC-&-DC multilevel mixing system; photothermal power generation; power grid; heat storage; system simulation; electricity storage; high-proportion renewable energy access; wind power generation; integrated energy storage system

Subjects: Reliability; Other computer networks; Thermal power stations and plants; Computer communications; Transformers and reactors; Energy resources; Wind power plants; Computer facilities; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems