Inspec keywords: power markets; power distribution economics; power generation economics; power engineering computing; pricing; distributed power generation; demand forecasting; decision support systems; fuzzy set theory; load management; power distribution control; control engineering computing; power generation control; demand side management

Other keywords: bidding mechanisms; DER; real-time market mechanism; fuzzy decision supporting system; load data; hierarchical energy management mechanisms; day-ahead market mechanism; microgrid central controller; New England independent system operator; energy storage system; generation cost; load generation forecasting systems; distributed generator; whole-year historical pricing; microgrid electricity market; MGEM; distributed energy resources; demand response; renewable generation forecasting systems

Subjects: Distribution networks; Power system management, operation and economics; Control engineering computing; Combinatorial mathematics; Decision support systems; Combinatorial mathematics; Distributed power generation; Control of electric power systems; Power system control; Power engineering computing