Inspec keywords: geophysical signal processing; sonar imaging; image segmentation; Bayes methods; maximum likelihood estimation; Gaussian noise; seafloor phenomena; image texture; geophysical techniques; sediments; image classification; white noise

Other keywords: data image classification; quantised image data; seabed; sonar imaging; Poisson model; seafloor; image texture classification; geophysical measurement technique; independent spatial Poisson processes; spatial-point process model; marine sediment; Bayesian statistical classifier; texture image segmentation; marine geology; sidescan sonar image; Gaussian white noise textures; maximum likelihood discriminant function

Subjects: Computer vision and image processing techniques; Marine sedimentation and sediments; Oceanographic and hydrological techniques and equipment; Geophysical techniques and equipment; Bathymetry and seafloor topography; Sonar and acoustic radar; Geophysics computing; Data and information; acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination in geophysics; Instrumentation and techniques for geophysical, hydrospheric and lower atmosphere research; Other topics in statistics; Optical information, image and video signal processing