Inspec keywords: digital versatile discs; semiconductor doping; zinc; III-V semiconductors; gallium compounds; aluminium compounds; semiconductor lasers; indium compounds; laser modes; magnesium; laser beam applications

Other keywords: AlGaInP laser diode; high power laser diode; AlGaInP:Mg; optical storage; confinement factor; 20 to 70 degC; 320 mum; AlGaInP:Zn; AlGaInP; 51 to 65 K; p-dopant; DVD read-write applications; vertical farfield divergence; uncoated facets; laser design; expanded mode design

Subjects: Optical storage and retrieval; Lasing action in semiconductors; Semiconductor doping; Design of specific laser systems; Optical storage and retrieval; Semiconductor lasers; Laser applications; Laser applications