Inspec keywords: biochemistry; gamma-rays; molecular biophysics; difference equations; radiation therapy; delays; physiological models; cancer; enzymes; cellular biophysics

Other keywords: two-phase dynamics model; cancer therapies; p53-regulators; cell fate decision; ATM model; Wip1 overexpression; P53 network; Mdm2 overexpression; 2D relaxation oscillator model; Wip1 variables; phase space approach; Wip1 downregulation; cell apoptosis; gamma irradiation; Mdm2 downregulation; mutation effects; state-dependent delay differential equation; Wip1 time delay; ATM deficiency; excitable relaxation oscillator; cell cycle arrest

Subjects: Interactions with radiations at the biomolecular level; Biomolecular dynamics, molecular probes, molecular pattern recognition; Radiation therapy; Physical chemistry of biomolecular solutions and condensed states; Cellular biophysics; Biomolecular structure, configuration, conformation, and active sites