Inspec keywords: Fourier transforms; autonomous aerial vehicles; direction-of-arrival estimation; mobile robots; frequency modulation; signal classification; echo; correlation methods; mean square error methods; Monte Carlo methods; matrix algebra

Other keywords: Cramer–Rao bound; fractional autocorrelation matrix; signal-to-noise ratios; accumulative methods; phase compensation; linear frequency modulated signals; low-SNR echoes; FrFT; fractional Fourier transform; target echo waveform; accumulative effect; performance deterioration; multiple signal classification; UAV; DOA estimation; root-mean-square-error; Monte-Carlo simulation trials; unmanned aerial vehicle; robust direction-of-arrival estimation; multitarget echoes

Subjects: Monte Carlo methods; Signal processing and detection; Digital signal processing; Integral transforms in numerical analysis; Mobile robots; Aerospace engineering computing; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Linear algebra (numerical analysis); Monte Carlo methods; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Telerobotics; Linear algebra (numerical analysis); Integral transforms in numerical analysis