Inspec keywords: remote sensing; wavelet transforms; Gaussian processes; geophysical image processing; mixture models; image denoising; hyperspectral imaging; image restoration; image fusion; expectation-maximisation algorithm

Other keywords: spatial domain; wavelet domain; EM algorithm; deblurring; HS image-MS image fusion; mineral exploration; multinormal model; HS remote sensing image restoration; Moffett database; airborne visible-infrared imaging spectrometer; degraded HS image restoration; signal-to-noise ratio; MS images; expectation maximisation algorithm; nonoverlapping blocks; hyperspectral image quality; Gaussian scale mixture; maximum a posteriori estimation; HS digital imagery collection experiment; multispectral observation; HYDICE database; denoising; agricultural application

Subjects: Computer vision and image processing techniques; Integral transforms; Function theory, analysis; Other topics in statistics; Instrumentation and techniques for geophysical, hydrospheric and lower atmosphere research; Geophysical techniques and equipment; Probability theory, stochastic processes, and statistics; Integral transforms; Geophysics computing; Other topics in statistics; Optical, image and video signal processing; Data and information; acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination in geophysics